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The University of Ottawa honours the outstanding contributions made by its research community.

Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa - Award for Excellence in Research

Established in 1964, the University of Ottawa Researcher of the Year Award is given in every academic year in which appropriate candidates are nominated. The objective of the award is to focus attention on research at the University of Ottawa by recognizing a member of its teaching staff who has earned distinction for themselves and for the University as a result of the importance and exceptional characteristics of their research work. 

For information on how to submit a nomination.

Latest Recipients

University of Ottawa 150th Anniversary Medal for Research

Latest Recipients

Early Career Researcher of the Year Award

The Early Career Researcher of the Year Award is presented annually to faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to research at the University of Ottawa. The distinction is awarded in two categories:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • Pure and Applied Science.

The awards consist of:

  • a bursary of $10,000 to go towards the remuneration of a graduate student supervised by the recipient; and
  • a partial relief from teaching and administrative responsibilities as determined by the Dean of the Faculty.



  • hold a full-time tenured or tenure-track position at the University or a regular position at one of the institutes affiliated to the University;
  • have obtained a Ph.D. (or the equivalent) in the past 10 years at most or have cumulated at most seven years in the first academic position (full-time tenured or tenure-track position). The eligibility window will be adjusted to take into account instances where a researcher has had an acceptable delay in research or period of inactivity due, for instance, to illness and parental leave.

Each Faculty can submit at most two nominations annually.

Please consult the guidelines (pdf, 56.4 KB) for information on how to submit a nomination.


For more information. please contact:

    Tremblay, Marie-Claude

    Research Prizes and Awards Manager

    Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 3470
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