Programmes provinciaux

Ontario Research Fund - Research Infrastructure (ORF-FI)

University of Ottawa researchers who apply for JELF or CFI Innovation Fund funding must apply to the MCU for matching funds from the Ontario Research Fund — Research Infrastructure  (ORF-FI) program. Each of the two funding sources provides up to 40% of eligible costs.

Since the application must be submitted to both programs at the same time, our team works with the researchers to submit the documentation simultaneously.

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Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence (ORF-RE)

The Ontario Research Fund — Research Excellence program (ORF-RE) provides funding to research institutions to help cover the operating costs associated with large-scale, transformative research projects of strategic value to Ontario.

The ORF-RE program provides up to one-third of the total value of a project, with the remaining two-thirds coming from the private sector and institutions. Competitions are generally launched at 18-month intervals. The competition has been launched on October 2021 and the application deadline is March 21, 2022. For any questions on the current competition, please contact our office.

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