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A researcher reports to the Dean and conducts her or his research activities within office and laboratory space provided by the University through the Faculty.

The Faculty is responsible to provide general oversight, management and administrative support of research conducted by its researchers, to exercise control over the funds it is administering, and to provide appropriate expertise and staff to enable its researchers to conduct their research and comply with University and funding agency requirements. Depending on the Faculty’s organizational structure, these responsibilities can be met through centralized or departmental level units, teams and individuals.

Working within a series of policies, procedures, business processes and systems provided by the University, Faculties provide the basic administrative infrastructure and services to their researchers and are the first point of contact for researchers in the day-to-day management of their research projects. As such, Faculties have a particular responsibility to provide skilled and supportive assistance to their researchers.

Some University Institutes and Centers also provide physical and administrative research infrastructure and services to their members. Although researchers report to their Deans, Institute or Centre Directors may also be required to approve research proposals if the work will ultimately require use of physical facilities and administrative services under the Institute’s or Centre’s control.

Faculties / Institutes Roles and Responsibilities for Research Administration

The Faculty:

  • Approves all grant and contract research applications. Such approval is normally confirmed through signature of internal approval forms and/or grant application forms (as may be required by the sponsor). Such signatures denote:
    • the Faculty’s support of the proposed activity
    • the Faculty’s willingness and ability to administer the research funds in accordance with University policies and sponsor terms and conditions and that the Faculty has conducted any necessary impact analysis prior to approving an application
    • the availability of space and other resources that the applicant has declared
    • the Faculty’s willingness to provide any “matching contributions” to which it has agreed
    • that the applicant has the time to do the proposed work
    • that the applicant is eligible to hold awards under University and sponsor policies
    • Where specified, agreement to the negotiated terms and conditions
  • Through its Vice- or Associate Deans, Research and research facilitators, provides assistance to Researchers to identify, seek, and obtain research funding, including:
    • Assisting and advising Researchers in project and proposal development
    • obtaining faculty approvals and signatures
    • coordinating with other university services as necessary in project and proposal development
    • Assisting and advising Researchers on electronic submission processes
    • Liaising with central services for coordination of submission processes for major grant competitions
  • Provides administrative support to the researcher, including:
    • Ensuring that faculty business management and risk management processes are followed
    • Ensuring that expenditures charged to research accounts are authorized by the Researcher, reasonable, necessary, and eligible in accordance with University / sponsor policies and the terms, conditions, and dates of the award
      • Maintaining appropriate documentation, including documentation of Researcher authorization of expenses
    • Exercising financial control over research funds, including withholding or withdrawal of approval for expenditures that contravene Sponsor or University policies, or the terms and dates of the grants or awards
      • As needed, providing senior management support to line administrators charged with day-to-day administration of research accounts
    • Processing of invoices and claims for reimbursement of travel expenses, putting people on the payroll, etc.
    • Providing assistance to Researchers in the financial and general management of their research projects and portfolio, including:
      • Providing accurate, timely, comprehensive research management information, analysis and interpretation of financial statements and other relevant information
      • Avoidance and management of deficits
      • Ensuring that action is promptly taken to address potential or actual over expenditures
      • Assistance with human resource management
  • In collaboration with central services and institutional regulatory bodies, assures that:
    • research is carried out in compliance with University policies, sponsor requirements, external regulatory requirements, award terms and conditions
    • Ensure that potential conflicts of interest are addressed
  • Ensures that central research management services are informed of changes to an award-holder’s status which may affect her or his eligibility to hold an award
  • Assists central services to resolve financial, general management, performance and noncompliance problems as they may arise
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