Management of Funds

Researchers must not only ensure the quality of their work, but also ensure that they meet standards set by the sponsor. An ongoing effort to maintain awareness of these standards can help prevent problems and build a lasting relationship with the sponsor.

General Principles / Good Practices

A Researcher’s Reference Guide is available for researchers and research Administrative Officers to help manage research project.  The purpose of the Researcher Reference Guide is to provide Researchers, as well as Research Managers, with important information on the responsibilities that are associated with research project management. This guide also provides links to useful resources as well as a list of support services that can provide their expertise in the domain of research management.

A researcher (principal investigator) must ensure the terms and conditions of a research project are met.

The University of Ottawa has systems to help manage research projects such as eAwards (administrative and researcher’s portal) and FAST My Research.

Day to day administration such as the purchase of materials and supplies, payment of invoices, putting staff on payroll and more, is handled by your faculty/department administrators in accordance with University policies.

Ensuring expenses are charged to the proper account from the beginning of a project is a good way to ensure proper management of your project.  Be specific in giving instructions to your faculty/department when charging expenses to a research project.

Important Tools and Information

Research Account

A new research account is opened for all external and internal funding opportunities that are successful.  The Research Account section provides information on the different types of research accounts.


University of Ottawa policies are guiding principles or broad statements on courses of action to be consistently followed under specific conditions. The Policies section provides the list of policies that makeup the framework for managing research at the University.

Financial Information

Financial aspects of the project should be managed carefully. The Financial Information section provides information and tools related to the sound management of funds.

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