Internal funding opportunities

The University of Ottawa offers its researchers several sources of internal funding. These funds enables researchers to build stronger proposals, become well known, and more competitive in external competitions. The University awards these funds through a competitive process.

Research Development Program (RDP)

The Research Development Program (RDP) provides a competitive edge to University of Ottawa researchers through the provision of direct, short-term funding. This funding enables researchers to conduct research which lays the groundwork for a new and competitive research grant application to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) or the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). 

There are two separate opportunities to the RDP:

Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity (CWCO)

The Conference/Workshop on Campus Opportunity (CWCO) provides interim support to researchers through the provision of short-term funding for conferences and/or workshops to be held on campus at the uOttawa.

Interdisciplinary Research Group Funding Opportunity (IRGFO)

The Interdisciplinary Research Group Funding Opportunity (IRGFO) funds uOttawa researchers to develop large interdisciplinary research teams.

There are two separate streams to the IRGFO:

Emergency Fund for Minor Equipment Repair Program (EFP)

The Emergency Fund for Minor Equipment Repair Program (EFP) aims to provide support for the unanticipated emergency repairs of research equipment caused by a normal and optimal use.

Sabbatical Leave or Duly Approved Research Leave

As stated in the Collective Agreement (articles 26.5.1, 26.5.3), professors on "sabbatical" or on a "duly approved research leave" may receive part of their salary as a research grant. 

Faculty Development Funds

Researchers should contact their Faculty to obtain specific details concerning Faculty Development Funds, since procedures and availability vary in each Faculty.

General Research Funds

The General Research Fund is meant to cover the costs related to the University's research activities of the fund/account holder and to further research activities of the Principal Investigator.

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