Researchers' Resources

This section provides tools and information to help researchers manage their research projects at the University of Ottawa.  


The Forms section directs you to all the commonly used forms required for researchers to apply to and manage funding for research projects.

Internal Sources of Funding

The Internal Sources of Funding section contains information on several sources of internal funding opportunities offered by the University of Ottawa. These funds enable researchers to build stronger proposals, become well known, and be more competitive in external competitions.

External Sources of Funding

The External Sources of Funding section provides a list of external funding opportunities available to researchers. The opportunities are grouped under the three main government funding agencies. You will also find a list of other external funding opportunities.

How to Apply for Funding

The How to Apply for Funding section provides guidelines for researchers to prepare a strong research proposal, justifiable budget and a C.V that highlights their strengths.

Management of Funds

The Management of Funds section proposes helpful tips on how to manage research once funds have been awarded. The researchers guide, information on research accounts, policies and financial Information can be found in this section.

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