Managers' Resources

The Managers' Resources page provides tools and information geared for managers. In this section, managers will find important information on how to manage research projects and funds at the University of Ottawa.

Ottawa University Research Administrators (OURA)

The OURA section lists the upcoming workshops including the date, time, location, and a description of the workshop. The presentations used at the workshops will be available on the website by accessing SharePoint.

Interactive Tools

The Interactive Tools and Systems section leads to portals used to manage the research projects conducted at the University of Ottawa, including eAwards and FAST. These portals empower managers to follow grants and ensure they are meeting funding conditions.

Grant Management Procedures

The Grant Management Procedures section lists the procedures on how to manage research at the University of Ottawa. It includes information on how to transfer funds, close an account; refund travel expenses, transfer residual funds and how to charge funds to a FOAP.

Policies and Regulations

The Policies and Regulations section lists the policies and regulations playing a role in the conduct of research at the University of Ottawa.


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