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Research Management

Research Management Services (RMS) compiled a list of questions and answers to assist you as you navigate through the world of research management. The questions and answers are organized by category and a summary of those categories and questions is listed below.

General Information
Funding Awarded
Compliance Certification
Transferring Money
Managing Accounts
Requesting an Extension
Researcher leaving the University of Ottawa

When a researcher leaves the University of Ottawa to continue his/her research project at another eligible Canadian University, it is essential that he/she contact Research Management Services immediately. By promptly advising the Office of Research Management Services of his/her intentions to transfer universities, necessary actions may be undertaken immediately to initiate the necessary procedures to transfer the grant/contract to the new university. In doing so, the researcher greatly increases his/her chances of accessing the funds more rapidly and effectively at the new University.


Accessing the RE Portal
Completing and Submitting an RE Form
Viewing my Request
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