CIHR is redesigning its Open Suite of Programs and its peer review process. This webpage serves as a central uOttawa repository for major reform updates.

Current Competitions

General note: In this upcoming round, researchers will be able to apply to the Foundation Grant and the Project Grant. However, the following policies remain in place:

  1. If you receive a 2016 Project grant as a Nominated Principal Applicant and go on to receive a Foundation grant as a Program Leader in future years, your Project grant will be rolled into your Foundation grant as is the case for all CIHR Investigator Initiated grants.
  2. You cannot submit the same or similar application to overlapping competitions. If, at Stage 2 of the Foundation Grant competition, it becomes obvious that the same application has been submitted to the Project Grant competition, you will be asked to withdraw one of the applications.

Please consult the following web pages for the latest official updates on the CIHR Foundation and Project Grant Programs:


Foundation Grant: 2016

Registration deadline: September 13, 2016

Application deadline – Stage 1: October 13, 2016 (application available the day after the registration deadline)

Stage 2 application will be possible only upon reception of invitation and the application deadline will be March 14, 2017

Funding start date: July 2017

The Peer Review Manual - Foundation is available to guide you in the preparation of your Stage 1 application. Given the success rate of the Foundation Grant competition, we recommend that you ask colleagues to review your application using this Peer Review Manual.


Project Grant: Fall 2016

Registration deadline: September 20, 2016

Application Deadline: October 18, 2016 (application available as soon as the registration is submitted)

Funding start date: April 2017

Note on Eligibility:

  • An individual cannot submit more than two Project Grant applications as a Nominated Principal Applicant in a single competition.
  • Individuals who hold a Foundation Grant in the role of Program Leader are not eligible to apply to the Project Grant competition in the role of Principal Applicant.

The Peer Review Manual for the Project Grant is not yet available, however, the Recommendations from the Peer Review Working Group have been published and can be consulted until the official manual is available.



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