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Update-November 27, 2013

The following message provides a short update on the Draft Call for Proposals for the 2015 competition of the Innovation Fund.:

The CFI is not in a position at this time to issue a final Call for Proposals as we have yet to enter into a signed Funding Agreement with the Government of Canada. This may not occur until next January. So rather than waiting until then and jeopardizing our ability to complete this competition by March 2015, we felt that informing institutions of the planned changes to the Draft Call was a prudent course of action. We are hopeful that the final Call for Proposals will not change significantly

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Based on feedback, the CFI has decided to move away from distinguishing between the Leading Edge Fund and the New Initiatives Fund. Instead, these funds will now be called the Innovation Fund (IF). Under the Innovation Fund, the CFI will take for granted that all proposals build on previous investments and/or commitments made by the institutions — including human and material capital — irrespective of their funding source.

In order to align with the key directions set out in its strategic roadmap, the CFI is giving this IF competition a theme: "Striving for global leadership and reaping the benefits." The competition will challenge institutions to propose transformative projects that will have a lasting impact on the research landscape at the level of institutions and even nationally. The CFI will invite proposals that will allow institutions to exercise global leadership in both discovery- and application-driven research or that capitalize on emerging research strength by forging and sustaining collaborations that have the potential to generate national benefits.

The CFI has set aside up to $325 million for this competition — $250 million in capital funding and $75 million to contribute toward operating costs through the Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) (Please note that the CFI has yet to finalize its funding agreement with the Government of Canada for its $500 million allocation from the 2012 Federal Budget. Accordingly, the amounts identified for each of the funds described here are subject to change, pending the final funding agreement).

The 2014 IF competition is being designed in line with the 2012 competition, including the institutional envelope allocation formula and the online application submission, but there are some notable changes, such as the eligibility of construction costs and the introduction of a minimum threshold of $500,000 in total eligible project costs. Institutions will be asked to demonstrate how their proposed research activities align with their current and future commitments in the given field.

Proposals requesting computational infrastructure will be eligible under this competition. However, proposals that are focused predominantly on HPC will be considered under the CFI's cyberinfrastructure initiative which is being developed over the next year. The CFI will be consulting with key stakeholders on this initiative in the coming months.

Please note the following timelines for the 2014 Innovation Fund:

Dates Activity
Late October 2013 CFI will Issue call for proposals 
PDF template of notice of intent (NOI) forms available
Early November 2013 Internal call for Notice of Intent Proposal
Mid-January 2014 Internal Deadline for NOIs submission
February 2014 Internal Committee Selection 
Late March 2014 CFI Deadline for the submission of notices of intent
Late June 2014 CFI Deadline for the submission of proposals
March 2015 CFI Board decisions on funding

For More Information

Do not hesitate to contact Mohamad Nasser-Eddine (Director, Strategic Project Management Group) should you have any questions about the 2014 IF competition.

Visit the CFI website for more details.

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