Core Facilities

Core Facilities are facilities which provide services, analyses, instrument and technology access, or expertise needed and utilized by many investigators to conduct their research, but which are generally too expensive, complex or specialized for investigators to cost-effectively provide and sustain themselves.  

By fostering a shared and common management of similar or complementary research facilities, whether located together or distributed, Core Facilities offer the potential to realize significant benefits through, amongst others:•          

  • Broad access to state-of-the art services, facilities and technology,
  • Financial savings resulting from economies of scale and the development and consolidation of in-house maintenance capabilities,
  • Availability of skilled operators to ensure skilled use of equipment, enhance data quality and assure safe operations,
  • Increased reliability of equipment,
  • Reduced duplication of effort

Core Facilities must be broadly available to all University of Ottawa researchers on a service basis with no requirement for scientific collaboration or co-authorship other than normal acknowledgement based on contributions in accordance with normal scientific practice.

How to establish a new Core Facility

Interested faculties should undertake a two-step process. One to establish the Core Facility and one to establish detailed planning and budgeting process coordinated through SDI. 

The focus of the initial proposal should therefore be to:

  • Describe the nature of the facility being proposed and the services to be provided
  • Explain the rationale for its creation
  • Confirm strong leadership
  • Confirm the intention to establish an appropriate management structure
  • Provide a minimum of financial information to i) confirm seriousness of intent and quality of initial planning and ii) obtain a sense of whether or not an appropriate cost sharing by users is being contemplated.
  • Confirm Faculty support

The proposal would have two parts:  An MS Word form for narrative information and an EXCEL spreadsheet for lists and financial information.

Therefore, the requested info should suffice to enable SDI / OVPR to determine whether or not they wish to proceed to the next step of the process. Also, the proposal should be laid out in a way that key information on equipment lists and user fees should be readily transferable to a web site on establishment of the facility.

Important deadlines

Application Deadline, Submission and Reporting Requirements

Applications must be reviewed and approved by the applicant`s faculty, which confirms its approval by having its representative sign the application and the RE-form in a second step (described below).


Application Deadline for a new Core Facility

The competition deadline will be specified in the call for proposals issued once a year.

Application Requirements

Application must include:

  • The Request for Funds Forms (RE forms) completed and signed by all parties;
  • A filled Proposal form for the establishment of a new Core Facility
  • A filled spreadsheet for new facilities including budget projections, equipment lists and user fee structures. A provisional three year budget must be provided as indicated in the attached budget template.
  • A letter from the Faculty confirming its support of the establishment of the Core Facility and its contributions towards the proposed facility.

Annual reporting for Established Core Facilities

The annual reporting process is now switched to a more “going concern” type of reporting where much information should be available on web sites. Therefore, financial and performance information is to be provided in a single format, and narrative reporting focuses on events in the current year.

Annual Reporting Requirements for Established Core Facilities

  • A filled Progress Report.
  • A filled spreadsheet for annual financial and performance reports.

Important documents

Download the Core Facilities guidelines document.

Any questions on Core Facilites?

Please contact Christian Beaulé.

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