CFI-Funded Infrastructure - U of Ottawa Statement on Operation & Maintenance

The Canada Foundation for Innovation requires that all institutions eligible to receive CFI funding must have an internal plan regarding the operation and maintenance of CFI-supported infrastructure.

The exact wording in the Foundation’s revised Policy and Program Guide 2013 is as follows:

It is the institution’s responsibility, in accordance with its established policies and practices, to ensure that appropriate resources are provided for the operation and maintenance of the CFI-funded research infrastructure over its useful life (i.e. the period of time over which the infrastructure is expected to provide benefits and be usable for its intended purpose, factoring in normal repairs and maintenance). As such, the institution should carefully consider its ability to sustain the infrastructure, prior to the submission of a proposal to the CFI. To meet this obligation, the institution must have an internal plan for the provision and administration of operating and maintenance support. The institution must keep on file its operating and maintenance plan and provide it to the CFI upon request”.

University of Ottawa Statement on Operations & Maintenance of Research Infrastructure Supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation” has been prepared to address the CFI requirements. It outlines guiding principles as well as the decision-making and approval processes related to the provision of operation and maintenance support. It will ensure that CFI-funded infrastructure at the University of Ottawa is maintained in a state of readiness for research over its useful lifetime.

We will post this Statement on the Research website; alert all Faculties who in turn should inform current CFI applicants and award-holders about its existence. We will be also providing each and every faculty with a list of all its CFI projects funded since 2004 in addition to the latest version of its CFI Research Infrastructure Inventory. We will be also sharing with the faculties the stats related to their respective IOF amounts received during the last four (4) years.

For More Information

Do not hesitate to contact Christian Beaulé (Director, Strategic Project Management Group).

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