Research funding and infrastructure

The Office of Strategic Development Initiatives (SDI) is responsible for initiating, developing, overseeing, and managing large-scale government-funded research projects from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Ontario Research Fund, and other federal and provincial government investment programs. SDI is also the primary resource for information on grants to support the specialized facilities and equipment that are essential to many research activities.

The SDI office is the centre of a large network of researchers, support staff, and government liaison officers at the University of Ottawa, its affiliated research institutes, and federal and provincial funding agencies.

The SDI team is dedicated to ensuring that the University of Ottawa continues to improve upon its earlier successes and to firmly establish itself as one of Canada’s top five research-intensive universities by 2020.

Federal Government Funding Programs

Canada Foundation for Innovation

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is an independent corporation created by the Government of Canada to fund research infrastructure. The CFI normally funds up to 40% of a project’s infrastructure costs. Another 40% comes from the public sector, through an application for matching funds to the Ontario Research Fund at the Ministry of Research and Innovation. Partners from the private and voluntary sectors provide the remainder (20%). In its latest budget, the Government of Canada proposed $500 million over five years, starting in 2014-2015, to the Canada Foundation for Innovation to support advanced research infrastructure.

CFI defines research infrastructure as “the state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, databases, specimens, scientific collections, computer hardware and software, communications linkages and buildings necessary to conduct leading-edge research.

Innovation fund

John R. Evans Leaders Fund

Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF)

  • The IOF helps cover a portion of the operating and maintenance costs to ensure optimal use of CFI-funded infrastructure. (See Program and Policy Guide).
  • All eligible projects generate an IOF allocation of 30% of the maximum CFI amount approved at award finalization.
  • Eligible institutions may submit a claim once a year by June 15.
  • More on Infrastructure Operating Fund


Canada Research Chairs Program (Federal Tri-Council Program) -
The Office of Research Chairs, Centres and Awards of the University of Ottawa, in collaboration with faculty Vice-Deans, Research and Research Facilitators, are responsible for Chair nominations.

In order to submit a joint proposal for a CRC and infrastructure from the CFI, an institution must be eligible to receive funds from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund program. The Strategic Development Initiatives team assists with the infrastructure portion of a Chair nomination.

For more information contact Simon Moreau.

Online resources:

Ontario Provincial Funding Programs

Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI)
The Research Branch of the Ministry of Research and Innovation manages programs that fund leading-edge research, provide matching funding for federally funded research infrastructure awards, celebrate Ontario’s top researchers and innovators and support early career researchers

Ontario Research Fund – Research Infrastructure
(Contact person - Simon Moreau)
A University of Ottawa researcher who applies for CFI funding (LOF; NIF; LEF) must apply to the MEDI for matching funding via the Ontario Research Fund – Research Infrastructure (ORF-RI) program

Early Researcher Award (ERA)
The ERA program is a discretionary, non-entitlement program aimed at attracting the best and brightest innovators and researchers from around the world, keeping home-grown talent here and seizing opportunities for global leadership.

Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence (ORF-RE)
We are pleased to inform you that the Ministry of Research and Innovation has officially launched calls for proposals to the ORF-RE Round 7.

The ORF-RE program provides research institutions with funding to help support the operational costs of large-scale transformative research of strategic value to the province.

  • For more information regarding  the guidelines, Notice of Intent form, application form, application instructions and deadlines, please contact Simon Moreau.
Operation and Maintenance of CFI Funded Infrastructure

The Canada Foundation for Innovation requires that all institutions eligible to receive CFI funding must have an internal plan regarding the operation and maintenance of CFI-supported infrastructure.

Read the details on the revised Policy and Program Guide 2013

University of Ottawa Core Facilities Program

This annual program encourages the creation of Core Facilities, leading to a more efficient use of limited resources by ensuring top-quality management and maintenance of highly sophisticated equipment over its lifetime usefulness. The program distributes funding based on the justification of needs.

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