Policies, guidelines and forms

Research activities at the University of Ottawa are governed by a comprehensive administrative structure that is robustly designed to deal with all aspects of these activities, from reviews by a research ethics board that might precede a grant application to the format of a financial report submitted at the conclusion of a major project.

Responsible Code of Conduct

Researchers at the University of Ottawa must carry out their work in accordance with a number of different policies and procedures, addressing diverse areas such as certification by a research ethics board, health and safety of participants, environmental monitoring, animal care, and the handling of potentially biohazardous materials. In addition to drafting guidelines on scientific integrity and procedures for the allegation of misconduct, the University has also reviewed its policy on conflicts of interest.


Research Centres and Institutes

The University fosters an outstanding collection of research centres and institutes, each dedicated to creating and growing an area of exceptional strength as well as building dynamic multidisciplinary collaboration.

The following guidelines and procedures contain in-depth procedures for the creation and operation of research centres and institutes, and include templates for annual reports and budgets.

Post Awards Management

Researchers assume a number of responsibilities once they have obtained support for their work. They must carry out and control their respective projects in a professional manner, ensuring compliance with pertinent University policies and procedures, as well as any rules, regulations, contractual obligations or conditions attached to a respective funding agency.

Quick Fact

Researchers are expected to understand and respect all of the procedures and policies of the University that might apply to them, as well as any related procedures and policies of a granting agency or contracting client. These obligations extend to matters such as confidentiality and the disposition of intellectual property, as well as environmental health and safety.

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