A word from the Vice-president, Research

Mona NemerMona Nemer
Professor and Vice-President, Research


We are born, we age and we eventually die. In the simplest of terms, aging is nothing more than an accumulation of changes over time.

Yet such a simplistic definition of this seemingly basic process does not even come close to reflecting the complex physical, psychosocial and cultural realities that human beings experience as they “grow older.” This definition certainly doesn’t speak to the impressive quantity and quality of interdisciplinary research on aging that is taking place at the University of Ottawa.

At the forefront of several emerging fields of investigation into aging, researchers at uOttawa are helping to redefine what we know about this most elementary process and how we can use this knowledge to improve our lives. From biomedical engineering to moral philosophy and almost every field in between, our world-class researchers are asking themselves some tough questions. Can we offset the progressive loss of biological functions that come with aging, and if so, how? How fast is the population aging, and what does this mean for Canadians and other countries like Canada? Are we aware of our own stereotypes relating to aging, and are we doing anything about the negative impact these prejudices can create in the lives of our elderly? 

Aging research at uOttawa is intensive and, as we hope this issue of research Perspectives will make abundantly clear, is helping to better the life of each and every one of us. 

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