A word from the Vice-president, Research

If you use a mobile phone, take cold medicine or cook with canola oil, then you benefit from research done at a Canadian university. From the creation of Internet technologies and solar cells to policies and regulations for managing healthcare and our economy, Canadian universities improve the social and economic health of our country. Through pure and applied research in fields as varied as the social sciences, law, medicine, health and the sciences—to name a few—universities expand our understanding of our world and solve challenges facing Canadians in the 21st century.

Given the breakneck pace of developments in our knowledge-based economy, ensuring that knowledge and innovation flow seamlessly from our universities to our governments, businesses and communities is critically important. One of our jobs as a university is to ensure innovative research is translated effectively into viable, sustainable and ethical solutions that reach the people who need them the most. These are the hallmarks of successful knowledge transfer and commercialization.

The University of Ottawa understands this and is committed to ensuring that Canadians benefit from the contributions of our best and brightest innovators. That’s why we attract world-class researchers and outstanding graduate students, create and sustain a healthy research environment and make academic freedom a keystone of our philosophy and practice. All these factors influence successful commercialization. To continue serving Canada’s economic and social well-being, our university aggressively fosters the conditions that make our research ripe for innovation and commercialization.

In this issue of Research Perspectives, we share with you some exciting research initiatives and commercial projects our researchers are tackling to support policy-making on a national and international level. The University of Ottawa is making sure these innovations travel from our benches to your bedside. 

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