A word from the President and Vice-President, Research

Allan RockAllan Rock
President and Vice-Chancellor

Ahead of the ARC

With Destination 2020, the University of Ottawa’s strategic plan, we committed to moving from one of Canada’s top 10 research universities to one of the top five. Our vision is bold — to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure and consolidate our position as a leader in the natural sciences and engineering.

Ambitious? Most definitely. But with the opening of the Advanced Research Complex (ARC) — a powerhouse of photonics and geoscience expertise and facilities — we are making significant strides toward fulfilling those formidable goals.

The new complex will bring together researchers, students and partners to foster greater scientific exchange. It will have a tremendous impact on our region, attracting top-level scholars, creating exciting synergies with the private sector and other universities, and forging links with innovators around the world. ARC will also enrich the graduate student experience with unprecedented access to cutting-edge technology, labs and international expertise.

ARC will allow our science and engineering researchers, recognized as among the best in Canada, to take their research to the next level. In doing so, the University of Ottawa and the National Capital Region will build reputations as the geoscience epicentre of Canada and the photonics capital of the world.


Mona NemerMona Nemer
Professor and Vice-President, Research

Opening the doors of discovery

In the coming years we are going to see an unprecedented increase in the impact of photonics and geoscience innovations on our everyday lives.

Through remarkable applications in medicine, energy efficiency, security and Internet technologies, photonics stands to revolutionize the world in which we live. At the same time, the Earth sciences are forging new understandings of the way humans interact with the environment, empowering us to find new solutions to our most pressing natural resource, climate and health challenges.

To help accelerate the pace of such innovations, the University of Ottawa has invested many years in developing the Advanced Research Complex (ARC), a world-class research centre capitalizing on our expertise in photonics and geoscience. That expertise is capturing the world’s attention: the most recent CTWS Leiden Ranking, which measures the scientific performance of 750 universities internationally, lists our Department of Earth Sciences in 27th place in the world and first in Canada in the category of Earth sciences and the environment.

Mirrored in the building’s transparent architecture and cluster-based labs, the philosophy behind ARC promotes collaboration among researchers of different disciplines. This issue of Research Perspectives will introduce you to some of the exceptional scientists working out of ARC in fields as diverse as biophotonics and geomicrobiology. Enjoy the tour.

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