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Petun to Wyandot book cover

Petun to Wyandot

The Ontario Petun from the Sixteenth Century

By Charles Garrad; edited by Jean-Luc Pilon and William Fox
Co-published with the Canadian Museum of History

Avocational archaeologist Charles Garrad has made it his life’s work to study the Petun, the First Nation later known as the Wyandot. Over more than 50 years, he studied historical, anthropological and archaeological sources and excavated an ancient site in Ontario’s Blue Mountains to gain insight into this agricultural people who lived for less than a century near Georgian Bay and dispersed around 1649–1651 to resettle in Kansas and Oklahoma.

This volume is the most comprehensive study of the Petun Confederacy to date, offering an account of this nation from its own perspective and historical testimony from Jesuits, European explorers, fur traders and neighbouring tribes.

Garrad’s sweeping work was honoured with the Award for Excellence in Publishing from the Ontario Archaeological Society.

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