Paul Wyczynski


Paul Wyczynski

Wyczynski, Paul


Paul Wyczynski is honoured for his important study, in two parts, on poet Emile Nelligan: Emile Nelligan. Biographie and Album Nelligan. Re editions of the volume as well as the recent publication of the second part, Album Nelligan, prove that the critic was right: Wyczynski has established the basis of the studies of Nelligan.

Featured Awards and Recognition

  • Royal Society of Canada - Lorne Pierce Medal (2006)
  • Order of Canada - Officer (O.C.) (1992)
  • Killam Fellowship (1984)
  • Royal Society of Canada - Centenary Medal (1982)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (1969)
  • Excellence in Research Award (1969)
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