Wojtek Michalowski


Wojtek Michalowski

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4955
Work E-mail: wojtek@telfer.uOttawa.ca

Wojtek Michalowski


University Research Chair in Health Informatics and Decision Support

Telfer School of Management

Research Focus

To create and validate a novel methodological framework for “Anytime and Anywhere”, dubbed MET-A3 decision support for emergency room physicians. The MET-A3 would pull disparate information from lab tests, medical libraries, patient history and previous treatments, giving physicians immediate tools to help in making decisions about the best routes for patient care.

Research Relevance

Currently there are no physiological tests to objectively measure the severity of pediatric asthma, and treatment depends solely on the clinical expertise of the attending physician. The computer solutions developed by Michalowski have already been through a clinical trial at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, where it was tested in cases of childhood abdominal pain. Michalowski plans to test this framework in emergency department triage on cases of worsened childhood asthma.

Making cutting medical decisions

Michalowski’s proposed research has vast applications in meeting a current need to manage medical information properly, incorporating requirements for patient privacy and maintaining clinical efficiency. His triage support system is available at the point of care and can be accessed using any device from a desktop computer to an iPod Touch. In 2004, the Emergency Medicine Information Technology Consensus Conference stressed the promise of using computers to help clinicians make decisions, particularly with a looming shift from paper charting to storing patient medical records electronically. Despite advances in information technology, there is currently no system to pull all available information together so quickly and conveniently, ensuring doctors have all relevant information at their fingertips when deciding how to treat patients. As participants in the conference warned, without an effective, tailor-made system, efficiency, patient safety and overall care will suffer. 

Since joining the Telfer School of Management in 2000, Michalowski has been a key member behind the Health Administration Masters Program and a driving force behind the creation and development of the School’s research-based Masters Program in Health Systems. He holds a unique position as professor in the Telfer School of Management and adjunct professor in the Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Surgery. He is broadly recognized as a leading expert in the field of decision support, and has been on the cutting edge of research in the field of health informatics spanning sciences, computer sciences and clinical sciences.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Polish Academy of Sciences - Polish State Professorship (2013)
  • More than 80 refereed scholarly publications and top-tier academic journals
  • Attracted more than $2 million in external research funding
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