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David Lean

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Faculty of Science
Department of Biology

David R. S. Lean is one of the foremost freshwater scientists in Canada. Before moving to his current position as NSERC-Industrial Chair in Ecotoxicology in the Department of Biology at the University of Ottawa, he spent twenty-four years as a scientist and project leader at Environment Canada’s National Water Research Institute in Burlington, Ontario. Lean has produced 134 peer-reviewed scientific papers, twenty-four book chapters and thirteen refereed conference papers. In 1993, he and two co-investigators received the Chandler-Misener Award for excellence in Great Lakes research; he also received the Frank Rigler Award for outstanding freshwater research. Lean’s early work on the dynamics of phosphorus cycling is widely cited. His paper "Phosphorus dynamics in lake water", published in Science in 1973, is considered to be a citation classic. More recently, his work on the physics, chemistry and biological effects of UV radiation in freshwater and marine systems has made several important discoveries. He and his associates have demonstrated that coloured dissolved organic compounds are the major attenuators of UV radiation in most freshwater lakes, and that in addition to the direct biological damage caused by exposure to UV radiation, the interaction of UV with dissolved organic compounds can produce hydrogen peroxide, carbon monoxide, superoxides and other reactive chemicals that are toxic to aquatic organisms. His current research includes the role of UV on the fate of mercury and persistent organic pollutants.

Featured Awards and Recognition

  • Royal Society of Canada - Miroslaw Romanowski Medal(2000)
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