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Kevin Kennedy

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Kevin Kennedy


Faculty of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Kevin J. Kennedy is a tenured professor cross-appointed between the departments of Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering at the University of Ottawa. He is a world-renowned researcher in the field of biological waste treatment systems, in particular high rate anaerobic digestion processes. Using his varied academic background resulting from degrees both in Science and Engineering, Dr. Kennedy's research has been innovative and able to cross boundaries between the disciplines. His pioneering research, both fundamental and applied, covers topics that encompass both the science and the engineering of waste treatment. Anaerobic treatment, although well established as an industrial treatment technology, was largely based on trial and error design and black box technology. Dr. Kennedy's theoretical and laboratory research in such areas as biofilm modelling, fixed film reactor modelling, development/application of downflow fixed film anaerobic reactors and hybrid anaerobic reactors as well as application and modelling of anaerobic sequencing batch reactors has cast scientific light on the technology and contributed not only to understanding many of the underlying biological interactions that control the process but also to improved design and control of anaerobic system applications. Recently, Dr. Kennedy has turned his attention to determining the fate of chlorinated phenolics in waste treatment and the use of soybean peroxidase enzymes for treatment of ground waters contaminated with halogenated aromatics. The results of his research are the subject of about eighty scientific papers, five book chapters as well as many industrial reports, conference presentations and proceedings. Research projects conducted by Dr. Kennedy and his students have been the recipient of many national and international awards.

Featured Awards and Recognition

  • Royal Society of Canada - Miroslaw Romanowski Medal(2002)
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