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Guy Frégault

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Faculty of Arts
Department of History

The recipient of the 1961 Tyrell Medal is Guy Frégault, director of the Institute of History at the University of Ottawa and, for several weeks, Quebec’s Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs. All his professional life, Frégault has dedicated to History: after completing his humanities at the Collège Saint-Laurent, Collège Brébeuf and Université de Montréal, he obtained in 1942 his Ph.D. in History from Loyola University in Chicago. After a brief stint at Quebec’s National Archives, Frégault returns to the Université de Montréal where he becomes professor in the Faculté des lettres, director of the Institut d’Histoire, vice-dean of his faculty before moving, two years ago, to direct a similar institute at the University of Ottawa. The eminent historian has affirmed himself, since 1944, through works that have left their mark: Iberville le Conquérant (1944), La Civilisation de la Nouvelle-France (1944), François Bigot, administrateur français (1949), Le Grand Marquis, Rigaud de Vaudreuil et de la Louisiane (1952), La Guerre de la Conquête (1955). These books are a high-quality production that demonstrate the exceptional gifts of the researcher and historian as well as the undeniable qualities of the writer.

Featured Awards and Recognition

  • Royal Society of Canada - J.B. Tyrrell Historical Medal(1961)
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