André Beauchemin


André Beauchemin
Professor and holder of the University Research Chair in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Bureau: 613-562-5800 ext. 2245
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André Beauchemin


University Research Chair in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Faculty of Science
Department of Chemistry

Over 90% of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals have at least one nitrogen atom in their structure. Many commodity chemicals used in paints, coatings and polyurethane polymers also incorporate nitrogen atoms. As such, shorter and more efficient access to these compounds is very important. Surprisingly, the conversion of alkenes (cheap petrochemicals or easily accessible reagents) into nitrogen-containing molecules currently requires several steps and more cost-effective, direct, efficient processes are possible and needed. This research will provide such broadly applicable technologies, help accelerate drug discovery efforts toward small-molecule drugs and synthetic peptides, and enable the development of new industrial products.

Featured Awards and Recognition

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Research Excellence Award (2015)
  • AstraZeneca Excellence in Chemistry (2011)
  • Early Researcher Award (2009)
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