Transcripts for Ebrahim Karimi: 2019 Early Career Researcher of the Year Award video


My name is Ebrahim Karimi,

I am a professor and a Canada Research Chair in Structured Light at the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa.

My research program is focused on the field of structured quantum waves,
that is, on electrons and photons that are shaped to carry desired quantum properties.

Together with my team - the SQO group, we have fun exploring and studying these exciting physics problems in my lab.

The aim of my research is to investigate how shaping quantum waves will be useful for creating novel techniques and technologies: such as quantum cryptography, to secure communications and quantum sensing, to detect dynamics of biological cells.

We have developed highly customizable devices to easily and efficiently shape photons and electrons.

They are now routinely used in collaborative projects in our field.

Taking our research out of the lab, we have performed the first free-space high-dimensional quantum cryptography in the world.

Besides doing great science, my goal is to contribute to future technological advances such as ultra-secure communication, or novel imaging techniques.

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