Two researchers engaging citizens in science

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Two head shots side by side, one of a man with glasses and one of a man holding a buttefly

From left to right: Professor Kumanan Wilson from the Faculty of Medicine and Professor Jeremy Kerr from the Faculty of Science

Professor Jeremy Kerr from the Faculty of Science and Professor Kumanan Wilson from the Faculty of Medicine have recently received national recognition from Partners In Research. Both these researchers were honoured for their efforts to engage ordinary citizens in science.


Professor Jeremy Kerr

One of Professor Kerr’s most notable scientific discoveries involves tracking how climate change contributes to declining pollinator populations around the world, which has broad-ranging implications for food security and agricultural economics.

“Jeremy Kerr is, without a doubt, a renowned scientific figure in the fields of conservation and climate change,” said Sylvain Charbonneau, University of Ottawa Vice-President, Research.

Moreover, this research leader is committed to showing Canadians how science matters in their everyday lives. “Science will help us change our world for the better and we owe it to our kids to make that happen,” said Kerr.

Professor Kerr has received the 2018  Science Ambassador Award from Partners In Research in recognition for a continent-wide program in which ordinary citizens help scientists track butterflies and bumblebees, giving thousands of North American families an appreciation for the biodiversity in their own backyards.


Professor Kumanan Wilson

Professor Wilson helps Canadians use digital technologies to manage their own healthcare. He leads a team of talented young engineers and scientists who develop and evaluate mobile apps that serve a variety of public health needs. To date, these digital platforms have been used in immunization, emergency medicine, kidney disease management and stroke recovery.

“Professor Wilson is an innovator and strong proponent of public health. His digital apps will enhance how patients and the public medical sector monitor health, which in turn will lead to improved quality of care for all,” said Sylvain Charbonneau.

Partners In Research has named Professor Wilson its 2018 Technology and Engineering Ambassador. He was one of the first researchers to examine popular use of social media and its influence on public perceptions of immunization.

“I am very honoured to receive this award. I believe it reflects the dedication and commitment of my amazing team, who create innovative digital solutions that empower Canadians and improve the health systems,” said Kumanan Wilson.

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