A record 14 professors win Ontario’s Early Researcher Awards

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2018

A photo montage of fourteen professors from the University of Ottawa

From left to right: Professors Wolfgang Alschner, Yannick Benoit, Kin Chan, Michael De Lisio, Pascal Fallavollita, Stuart M. Fogel, Ryan Graham, Nafissa Ismail, Ebrahim Karimi, Jacob Krich, Benoît Lessard, Stephen G. Newman, Matthew Pamenter and Amy Salyzyn 

The University of Ottawa has received an unprecedented number of Early Researcher Awards, presented by the Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science. Fourteen professors out of 25 submitted for consideration by the University were chosen, a success rate of 56%.

“The number of recipients honoured this year speaks for itself,” said Sylvain Charbonneau, vice-president, research. “It shows the phenomenal talent of the rising generation of researchers who are making significant strides in their respective fields while in the early years of their academic career.”

The Early Researcher Awards provide funding to help new professors build a research team.

This year’s recipients are:

Wolfgang Alschner, Faculty of Law (Common Law Section)

How artificial intelligence can assist tomorrow’s lawyers in automatic legal document production and analysis

Yannick Benoit, Faculty of Medicine

Identifying new bioactive molecules that selectively alter the DNA pattern in human cancer stem cells

Kin Chan, Faculty of Medicine

Investigating the origins of DNA damage in cancers to develop better cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Michael De Lisio, Faculty of Health Sciences

How exercise affects blood-forming stem cells within bone marrow

Pascal Fallavollita, Faculty of Health Sciences

Designing 3D augmented reality technology for optimal precision surgery in the operating rooms of tomorrow

Stuart M. Fogel, Faculty of Social Sciences

Impact of aging on sleep and memory for cognitively complex problem solving

Ryan Graham, Faculty of Health Sciences

Creating a technology-based framework for improving the understanding, prevention and rehabilitation of low back pain, a leading cause of disability

Nafissa Ismail, Faculty of Social Sciences

Understanding the role of gut microbiome in stress-induced depression and anxiety during puberty

Ebrahim Karimi, Faculty of Science

Developing structured massive particle beams for improved electron and ion microscopy that could help answer unsolved puzzles in quantum physics

Jacob Krich, Faculty of Science

Devising a new material system for high-efficiency intermediate band solar cells

Benoît Lessard, Faculty of Engineering

Synthesizing smart polymers for the next generation of sophisticated electronic sensors

Stephen G. Newman, Faculty of Science

Using renewable feedstocks to develop more sustainable chemical reactions and processes

Matthew Pamenter, Faculty of Science

Gaining new insights into the evolution of low oxygen tolerance (hypoxia) in African mole rats to aid in the development of treatment for diseases such as stroke

Amy Salyzyn, Faculty of Law (Common Law Section)

Using mobile and web-based apps to improve access to justice for Ontarians

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