Newly appointed Research Chair in the Faculty of Health Sciences’ School of Nursing bridges the gap between scientific evidence and routine care

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

OTTAWA, May 20, 2015 — Despite the large volume of research on health practices that is published every year, health professionals tend to rely on older research knowledge years after its publication, which contributes to an inconsistent healthcare system that does not meet Canadian standards. How do we move the latest research results from researchers to health practitioners?

As the newly appointed University Research Chair in Health Evidence Implementation, Professor Janet Squires is exploring new ways to increase the use of research evidence by healthcare professionals in order to improve the delivery of healthcare services and health outcomes for the population.

“Professor Squires’ proposed research will help design an efficient and effective Canadian healthcare system by promoting lifesaving actions and preventing unnecessary treatments,” said Mona Nemer, University of Ottawa Vice-President, Research.

Recruited in 2012 by the School of Nursing, Professor Squires has extensive expertise in the field of implementation science, also known as knowledge translation. Her continued success is due to her focus on the role of context, which refers to the social, physical, structural, political, and relational factors that influence organizations, groups and individuals.

By systematically and thoroughly studying health practices that are poorly or overly implemented, she may pinpoint what improves or hinders knowledge translation to healthcare professionals. Her research requires a transdisciplinary approach that involves collaboration with researchers in fields as diverse as medicine, nursing, health psychology, cognitive psychology, organizational science, and medical sociology.

The University of Ottawa Research Chair program recognizes and supports uOttawa professors in their quest to conduct outstanding research in strategic areas, as well as in the vital role they play in educating students.

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