Congratulations to the participants and winners of UROP 2017!

Posted on Friday, March 24, 2017


UROP winners

Winners: Fadey Farid, Victoire Difié Têlé Kpadé, Lydia Zhou, Juliana Choueiry and Candide Uyanze. Not pictured: Julien Tousignant-Groulx.

Hundreds of students gathered in the UCU to present their undergraduate research projects on Thursday, March 23. Congratulations to all who participated and to the winners of the symposium:


1. Lydia Zhou

André Laliberté

Sc. Sociales

Domestic Work in China : A Look at the scope and size of labour brokerage agencies

2. Julien Tousignant-Groulx

Denis Cousineau

Sc. Sociales

L’impact du masquage dans une tâche de reconnaissance visuelle «même» «différent»

3. Candide Uyanze

Elizabeth Dubois


The role of bots in Canadian politics


Victoire Difié Têlé Kpadé

Denis Prud’Homme

Sc. Santé

Comobidité entre le diabète de type 2 et la depression

Fadey Farid

Leandro Sanchez


The use of geopolymers as a sustainable alternative to Portland cement in civil engineering structures

Juliana Choueiry

Denise Harrison

Sc. Santé

Understanding parents’ perceptions of pain treatment at the CHEO family flu clinic

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