University of Ottawa to Provide Talent to Support Business Resilience in Canada’s Largest Technology Park

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020

The University of Ottawa, through its Kanata North campus and CO-OP program, will provide access to skilled talent as part of the Kanata North Business Association’s (KNBA) COVID-19 business resilience efforts in Canada’s largest technology park.

Through its CO-OP program and associated available funding, uOttawa can provide dedicated support to businesses in the Kanata North Tech Park, including small business recipients of the KNBA COVID-19 Business Resilience Fund. Through this partnership, Kanata North company leaders and business owners can access career-ready students, at minimal to no investment, who can support them in transitioning into more robust business environments, including digital transformation.

Talent is the fuel for building business resilience during COVID-19 and beyond. Partnering with the University of Ottawa’s Kanata North campus and CO-OP program brings access to a pipeline of diverse talent to our companies and small businesses so they can bolster their resilience. – Kanata North Business Association President and Executive Director, Jamie Petten.

The University’s CO-OP program works closely with many funding partners, including TECHNATION, through the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP). Businesses can access more flexible SWPP assistance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students can work from home and are available immediately until September at up to 50 - 70% wage subsidies before benefits. Recipients of the KNBA’s resilience fund can gain further financial benefit with minimal or no investment. Businesses can select students in uOttawa’s programs with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, such as digital marketing, business, engineering and technology.

The University of Ottawa’s focus on supporting Kanata North businesses is more critical now than ever. Building resilience through talent and tapping into the bright minds of our students is an easily accessible and affordable solution to help businesses adapt and pivot during these uncertain times. – Director of Partnerships and Commercialization, University of Ottawa – Kanata North, Veronica Farmer.

To expedite the process, the University has a dedicated CO-OP resource to help Kanata North businesses recruit talent, apply for funding and supply additional resources for remote on-boarding and supervision.

If you are a leader in a company or business owner located in the Kanata North Technology Park and would like to access this talent offering, please contact Philippe Sabourin, CO-OP Program Coordinator for Kanata North at

For more information on the University of Ottawa’s Kanata North campus, please contact Veronica Farmer, Director, Partnerships and Commercialization at



About University of Ottawa–Kanata North Campus

Located in the heart of the Kanata North Technology Park, the uOttawa–Kanata North campus offers a state-of-the-art training room, boardroom, offices and collaborative spaces that are easily accessible and open for use by the local community. Business leaders seeking to strengthen and scale their companies can access, through the Kanata North campus, the entire scope of University of Ottawa resources:

  • Talent: From CO-OP placements to internships to hiring graduates from Engineering, Health Sciences, Management, Law and other faculties, there is a diverse and continuous pipeline of talent available.
  • Training: Customized training courses and trusted certification programs enable companies to enhance the expertise of their workforce — from their technical staff to senior executives — with the Faculties, Professional Development Institute and the Telfer School of Management.
  • Solutions: Access to world world-class research expertise and state-of-the-art labs and equipment. In addition, an extensive network of connections that serve to enhance research partnerships, B2B opportunities and access to funding to help companies scale.

About University of Ottawa CO-OP Program

The University of Ottawa’s CO-OP program has 40 years of experience in coordinating a three-way partnership between the University, students and employers. The University of Ottawa has Canada’s fifth largest CO-OP program in the country and has the unique opportunity to offer local, Canadian and international employers quality bilingual candidates in a variety of fields.

Only the best University of Ottawa students qualify for the CO-OP program and are given the chance to apply their classroom knowledge to a series of four-month work experiences. They are closely monitored throughout their academic terms and work terms, thereby ensuring our employers benefit from the best students. 

The program provides a wide talent pool to employers while shaping tomorrow’s work force of bright young minds. 

About TECHNATION Future Workforce Development

Canada’s prosperity relies on a digital workforce with the skills to keep our companies and our country competitive in a constantly changing global market. TECHNATION develops digital talent, from both inside and outside the industry, through a mix of up-skilling and re-skilling programs. As a strategic arm of TECHNATION, Future Workforce Development focuses on creating the workforce that Canada needs for leadership in the digital economy. This includes inspiring young people to pursue technology careers, advising on technical education requirements and learning outcomes, guiding those in non-technical fields or underrepresented groups to attain needed skills so that they can transition into technology careers, supporting increased diversity within the industry, and helping shape public policy to support, expand and enhance Canada’s tech workforce. 

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