There's No Stopping Them: MicroBright wins #HackMining

Hack Mining Winners

PhD candidate Daniel Grégoire and Professor Alexandre Poulain’s startup, MicroBright, won the Canada Mining Innovation Council’s #HackMining event in Toronto on Sunday, May 14th, 2017.

MicroBright won the grand prize of $2,500 cash, 50 silver maple leaf coins and a consultation with Rob McEwen (Chairman and CEO of McEwen Mining).

MicroBright, a Startup Garage 2017 cohort member, is a new company that uses the power of microbes to remove toxic metals from water. They specialize in using microbes naturally found in the environment to provide an environmentally sustainable solution for water treatment.

#HackMining is a 45-hour innovation hackathon to build solutions for the real-world challenges faced by the mining industry. Hack Mining is an opportunity for teams to showcase their talent, build their skills, network with key industry leaders, win valuable prizes and potentially solve pressing social, environmental and business problems.

MicroBright’s winning solution will be presented at the Annual CMIC National Mining Innovation Forum on June 6th, 2017.

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