The assessment will identify potential for patents and other intellectual property, technology development funding, licensing and collaborative research potential. The assessment involves the following steps:

1. Submit a disclosure through our online form

2. Present your opportunity to ISS business development managers

3. ISS will provide an initial report to you on potential opportunities

4. Where a business case can be made, work with your BDM to develop a technology transfer plan that includes intellectual property protection, the market and potential partners, and development plan, including funding.

The assessment consists of three key elements.

The Intellectual Property (IP) Assessment

The IP assessment seeks to determine whether the research results are patentable. It will analyse the prior art (past publications, patents, presentations, posters, and products on the market) to determine if the results satisfy the key criteria for patenting - novelty, obviousness, and usefulness.

Technology Development Funding

Once you understand the market opportunity, you can develop a work plan to develop the technology. ISS will work to identify applied research and development opportunities to help you bring the technology to market. ISS assists the research team in accessing funds from partners, as well as from funding programs such as NSERC CRD, NSERC I2I, CIHR, Genome Canada, Government of Ontario funding, and others.

The Market Assessment

The market assessment identifies the market need for the proposed products or services. It will look at the end users for a technology, the market size, the potential products, the competition, and the companies that may want to license the technology.

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