Disclosure of an Invention

If you have a research discovery, it is important to report it to ISS as early as possible. Disclosure of an invention helps to secure intellectual property, thereby increasing the potential to commercialize the technology.

The formal Invention Disclosure is the preferred route for communicating a new invention to ISS. This should be used if one of the following conditions applies to the invention:

  • The invention has been fully conceived and/or tested
  • The invention may be patentable

A public (non-confidential) disclosure, such as a publication or presentation discussing the research discovery is expected in the next 90 days. This formal process can be initiated by completing the invention disclosure form.

Note: on occasion, completing the invention disclosure form is not practical. An informal disclosure process is available to provide researchers with an option of beginning an immediate dialogue with ISS even while the Invention Disclosure Form may be incomplete.

For any further question or to talk about your particular case, call and set up an appointment with a member of our ISS team.

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