Ethics Review

Any research project involving human participants or human biological material which is conducted within the jurisdiction or under the auspices of the University of Ottawa, whether it is funded or not and regardless of where it is conducted, must receive ethics approval from a University Research Ethics Board (REB) prior to the start of the project.

REB review and approval is necessary even if the project received prior approval from another REB.

Who should submit a request for ethics review?

  • Faculty members for their own research;
  • Ph.D. and Master's students (and their supervisor) or students (and their supervisor) preparing honors or fourth year research projects;
  • Professors who, in the context of their courses, require students to conduct independent research projects (directed studies) requiring the participation of human participants;
  • Course instructors who include research activities as part of an undergraduate or graduate assignment designed to provide training in research. Responsibility for carrying out a detailed ethical assessment of specific projects lies with those responsible for such courses;
  • Professors or students making use of secondary data which were originally collected for purposes other than the current research (e.g., school or criminal records, private association archives, company's internal documents).
  • External researchers (not affiliated with uOttawa) who want to conduct research with uOttawa members or on its campus.
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