Francophone Mobility Chair

Status: Closed

As part of the CRMF program, the University of Ottawa has created a Francophone Mobility Chair to provide support to guest international researchers during their stay (two months to one year) at the University of Ottawa. The Francophone Mobility Chair must contribute to meeting the program’s objectives, as follows:

  1. Uphold and pursue the University of Ottawa’s tradition of excellence in research on French-speaking communities in Ontario, Canada and around the world.
  2. Promote Francophonie research in connection with the strategic areas of development in research at the University of Ottawa.     
  3. Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration in Francophonie research and on the realities of the Francophone world.   
  4. Foster the development and inclusion of new researchers on the Francophonie from here and elsewhere, at every level (master’s students, doctoral candidates, postdocs, interns, researchers and professors).  
  5. Ensure the internal and external visibility of the CRMF program’s research activities, especially through knowledge mobilization, by working in close collaboration with the program’s Council of Chairs.   

Call for nominations


1. When considering nominations for the Francophone Mobility Chair, priority will be given to international (out of Canada) researchers who are recognized as specialists in the Francophonie in different domains. The program does not impose any restrictions on candidate nationality or country of residence. The Francophone Mobility Chair will not be granted to a University of Ottawa professor. The incumbent will receive assistance from the Council of Chairs and Human Resources to obtain a Canadian work permit.

2. The candidate must hold a faculty position on a full-time basis at a university or an accredited research institution.

3. The mobility chair will not fund any doctoral or post-doctoral projects or trainees.

4. Only nominations that are supported and submitted by a full-time professor from the University of Ottawa will be accepted and evaluated.


The holder of the Francophone Mobility Chair will receive a grant of up to $40,000 CAD for one year – or $3,333 CAD per month (in addition to a maximum amount of $10,000 CAD to cover travel costs). The funds must be used in keeping with the rules governing the eligibility of travel costs, as established in the University of Ottawa’s Policy 21 and Procedure 16-11. In the event where the incumbent agrees to assume one or multiple teaching loads, an additional financial compensation will be allocated by the Faculty offering the course(s), as per the rules in place.


1. Preparation of the nomination application

The application must be submitted by the full-time professor from the University of Ottawa who has invited the researcher. All uOttawa faculty members (full-time) are invited to submit applications from Francophone researchers. The application file must include the following documents:   

  • A nomination letter, signed by the professor submitting the file, describing the reasons for inviting the researcher, as well as the anticipated spinoffs on the unit’s research activities and student learning.
  • A detailed description of the invited researcher’s research interests, their involvement in projects or research network, and the complementarity between their research and the University of Ottawa’s current research expertise with respect to the Francophonie.  
  • A description of the activities planned during the researcher’s stay at the University of Ottawa.  
  • The resume of the invited researcher.   
  • Two letters of recommendation (when required by OVPR and the Council of Chairs).  
2. Submission of Nomination Application

The Office of Vice-President, Research is not currently seeking applications.

3. Important dates

The Office of Vice-President Research is not currently seeking applications.

4. Selection process

The OVPR and the Council of Chairs, in collaboration with the CRMF’s steering committee, will oversee the recruitment of researchers for the Francophone Mobility Chair, based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Excellence of the invited researcher’s file (e.g. publications, citations, monographs, impact of research, international recognition).
  • Impact on the development of new collaborative opportunities (e.g. joint publications, allocation of external funding).
  • Anticipated spinoffs on student learning and research activities.  
  • Complementarity/synergy between the invited researcher’s research areas and those of the applicant.
  • Use of multidisciplinary perspectives to answer research questions.
  • Alignment between the OVPR’ Strategic Areas of Research and the CRMF program’s priorities.  
  • Justification of budget and letters corroborating any support from other sources.
5. Requirements related to the stay at the University of Ottawa
  • The duration of the stay must be a minimum of two (2) months, and cannot exceed a year. The stay may not be divided into two or more visits.   
  • The chairholder must live in the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau) during their mandate, and their presence on campus during the academic year is mandatory.
  • In addition to research activities, the chairholder could be invited to offer one or more courses and seminars on issues or problems associated with the Francophonie, through the lens of different cultural areas and disciplines, as specified in the guidelines of the CRMF program.  
  • The chairholder will be linked with the Collège des chaires de recherche du monde francophone.

The chairholder will be expected to make a major intellectual contribution to the Collège des chaires and the community of researchers in terms of bolstering education, paving the way for new fields of study, or consolidating research networks.

6. Contact
Office of the Vice-President, Research:
Council of Chairs, CRMF:
  • E.-Martin Meunier, Director of the Council of Chairs, Professor and Francophonie Research Chairholder:
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