Call for nominations

The Office of the Vice President, Research (OVPR) is looking for internal applicants for the following three research chairs: 

  • Two research chairs on the francophonie in Ontario
  • One research chair on the francophonie around the world [a newly added CRMF program orientation]

In addition to undertaking a research program and overseeing organization of research activities linked to chair objectives, the chairholder must participate in the Collège des chaires de recherche du monde francophone (CCRMF) and work to disseminate, develop and promote research on the francophoonie  on campus and in francophone communities in Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

The chairs’ scope will be determined, first and foremost, by the chairholders’ areas of research, and must be consistent with the University’s strategic areas of development in research. Chairholders must be regular University of Ottawa professors. Each chair must have a clear objective regarding study, analysis and interpretation of one or several aspects of the francophonie.  It must fully dedicate its resources to research, organization of research activities and dissemination of knowledge and research on the francophone world. Francophone-related matters cannot be a minor research consideration or restricted to administrative areas. Each CRMF chairholder must submit annual reports as well as a five-year report on activities, benefits and  promotion of the work of his or her chair to the director of the Collège des Chaires, the dean of the faculty in question and the vice-president, research.

The “Chaires de Recherche sur le Monde Francophonehave a five-year mandate, which can be renewed only once, subject to the recommendation from their faculty dean and the University of Ottawa’s Research Chairs Evaluation Committee .

Chairholders will receive an annual allocation of $25,000 in research funds for the duration of their mandate. Exceptionally, a third and final mandate with the reduced allocation of $10,000 may also be granted. Note that researchers who have held a Research Chair in Canadian Francophonie or a University Research Chair are not eligible for the new CRMF Program.

Nomination process

Nomination packages must be submitted by the dean of the faculty to the Office of the Vice-President, Research.

1. Preparation of the nomination application

A nomination application must include the following documents:

  • Statement of nomination from the Dean, providing the basis and justification for the nomination (2 to 3 pages);
  • Chair title and research project summary: Provide a 100 word summary, written in lay language, describing the uniqueness and importance of the proposed research program. This summary may be used for advertising purposes;
  • Proposed research program written by the nominee (3 to 5 pages). 
  • Budget plan and justification: The total budget is $25K per year for five years and may be used to support the core costs of research (e.g., research assistants/associates, graduate students, consumable supplies, and user fees). Up to $5K of the total budget may be used as a salary supplement to the nominee. In this section, please explain and justify how the budget will be used and the proportion of the budget to be allocated to costs of research versus a salary supplement. Note that the funding allocated for the core costs of research is provided in addition to and not as a substitute for a nominee’s concurrent sources of external funding;
  • Current Curriculum Vitae (OCGS format; last 8 years);
  • List of the nominee’s five most significant research contributions made during his or her career, explaining their significance and impact;
  • Names and email addresses of four (4) independent reviewers, including at least one from abroad.

Detailed instructions

2. Submission of Nomination Application

Please send the nomination application to the following email:

3. Important dates

Applications must be received by May 31, 2019, at 5 p.m. The selection process will begin in June 2019 and continue until the positions are filled.

Chairs will begin operations October 1, 2019.



4. External Review by Three Experts in the Field

Conflict of Interest Policy

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, please ensure that the potential reviewers:

  • are not affiliated in any way with the University of Ottawa (including hospitals and research institutes);
  • have no personal relationship with the nominee (including close friend, relative, former PhD or postdoctoral supervisor, mentor, a student previously under the nominee's supervision);
  • have not collaborated, published or shared funding with the nominee in the last six years, or have no plans to do so in the immediate future;
  • are not involved in the proposed program of research; and
  • are not in a position to gain or lose financially/materially from the outcome of the nomination.
5. Internal Evaluation

Nomination packages will be studied by the program steering committee. After deliberation, the steering committee may ask to meet the strongest candidates for an interview. The file of the chosen candidate will then be reviewed by the Research Chairs Evaluation Committee, which is presided over by the Vice-President, Research (or his delegate), based on the following criteria:

  • The research excellence and productivity of the nominee, and/or demonstration of the research leading to significant achievements;
  • The potential to achieve international recognition in the field;
  • The potential to attract and retain excellent students, trainees and future researchers;
  • The relevance of the proposed research program in relation to the University's strategic areas of development in research; and
  • The originality and quality of the proposed research program.


As well, the research proposal must demonstrate:

  • The interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches that will be implemented
  • The applicant’s involvement and commitment regarding development and promotion of research on the francophonie  on campus and in francophone communities in Ontario, across Canada and around the world
  • Synergies, including with other chairholders and members of the Collège des Chaires de recherche du monde francophone, by indicating how the proposed research relates to or complements the research of other chairholders


6. Notice of Decision

Following the RCEC’s final recommendation, a notice of decision is sent to the Dean of the nominating Faculty. There is no appeal process.

Teaching Release

CRMF chairholders may be eligible for teaching release of a one-semester course (2 to 3 credits/year) as negotiated with the Dean of the Faculty.

End of chair mandate

The University provides two additional years from the end date of the chair to expend any residual funds remaining in the research account. No extension beyond this period will be granted. 

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