Awards and recognition

The OVPR is committed to fostering an equitable research environment that provides equal opportunities for everyone and that respects and values diversity. 

Latest laureates

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee for Research Prizes and Awards is mandated by the OVPR to support the University in its efforts to promote research excellence through prizes and distinctions, and increase its visibility on the national and international scene.


Chris Kennedy (Faculty of Medicine)


Dennis Ott (Faculty of Arts)
Nathalie Bélanger (Faculty of Education)
Handan Tezel (Faculty of Engineering)
Janet Squires (Faculty of Health Sciences)
Katherine Lippel (Faculty of Law (Civil))
Penelope Simons (Faculty of Law (Common))
Muralee Murugesu (Faculty of Science)
Nafissa Ismail (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Cheryl McWatters (Telfer School of Management)

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