Update on the work of the Animal Care & Veterinary Service

Following the message from the Vice-President, Research requesting the scaling down of all non-critical or non time sensitive research activities, we would like to update you on the work of the Animal Care & Veterinary Service (ACVS).

ACVS will continue to provide basic animal care services in ACVS facilities in Guindon, D’Iorio and Vanier Halls, and at the Heart Institute.

Researchers will continue to have access to the animal facilities, in particular to manage their breeding colonies for non-commercially available strains of animals.  We would appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that only the minimum number of animals necessary to maintain strains are produced and kept.  All standard procedures for the care and holding of breeding animals still apply. 

Any new technical service requests will be deferred until further notice.  Previously agreed ACVS services for breeding colony management will continue to be provided.

No new surgical bookings will be accepted for the time being.

In addition, animal orders and animals to be shipped in from other institutions will not be accepted for the time being.

Once the process to identify critical or time sensitive projects is completed, only animal research specifically approved by the Vice-President, Research will be able to proceed, with ACVS working with teams on a case by case basis.


ACVS procedure modifications

The following modifications should have only minimal impact on animal welfare and on your studies:

  • Rodent cage change frequencies for individually ventilated cages will be extended to every 21 days (from every 14 days)
  • Zebrafish feeding by ACVS will be reduced to:
  • once every 2 days for adults (from the current 1 time daily)
  • twice daily for juvenile zebrafish (from the current 4 times daily)


We thank you for your much-appreciated collaboration and will keep you informed as the situation evolves.


Holly Orlando, DVM

Director, Animal Care and Veterinary Service

Université d’Ottawa | University of Ottawa

Tel.:   613.562.5800 ext.: 8409

Fax:  613.562.5467

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