About Researcher's Toolbox

The Researcher’s Toolbox is a password-protected interactive forum for researchers. The Toolbox contains information for electronic forms and applications, including electronic protocol submission, request for security access, request for animal supply and technical scheduler. 

The Toolbox also contains valuable information regarding current fee schedules, and grant budget calculations. Technical guidelines, standardized procedures and useful web links can also be viewed in this location.


For the protection of your confidential information... Be sure to logout and close your web browser after you finish working. Otherwise the next user of the computer system may be able to view and alter your information.

Topaz Elements


Access TOPAZ

(Protocol module only)


How will the TOPAZ launch impact you?

The Researcher's Toolbox site will be set to a view only status. Although you will be able to view your protocols, you will no longer be able to submit an amendment, renewal or create a new protocol using the Researcher's Toolbox.

To submit an amendment, renewal or new protocol to the Animal Care Committee, you will need to do so using the new TOPAZ Elements application.

Account request and the TOPAZ Champion

What is a TOPAZ Champion?

Every research laboratory should assign a TOPAZ Champion. This person will be your TOPAZ expert and a primary user, normally the PI, a protocol author/creator,laboratory manager or any key person within your team. The TOPAZ Champion will also be the primary contact for the TOPAZ application. In addition, the champion will be responsible for:

  • Identifying users and associated roles
  • TOPAZ user training
  • All communications concerning TOPAZ with the ACVS system administrator

To name a TOPAZ Champion, send an email to Courtney Reeks, with your TOPAZ Champion’s name and email address.


How do you get access?

Your TOPAZ Champion, who has attended an ACVS TOPAZ Training session, must print and submit a ACVS TOPAZ User Agreement Form to The ACVS System Administrator will assign a unique User Name/Password and will provide the training for users in your laboratory.

How to access TOPAZ ?

PC user (PDF, 2.01 MB)

MAC user (PDF, 1.39 MB)

Other resources

Protocol module guide (PDF, 3.49 MB)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF, 610 KB)

Support Procedure (PDF, 774 KB)


Contact Courtney Reeks for additional information.

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