Animal care committee and ethics & compliance

About the Animal Care Committee

All animal care and use is reviewed and approved by the uOttawa Animal Care Committee (ACC), which includes community representatives, veterinarians, animal health technicians, scientists, students and administrators (see Terms of Reference of the Animal Care Committee).

Research laboratories and Animal Care and Veterinary Service facilities are inspected by the Animal Care Committee, by a veterinary inspector in accordance with the Animals for Research Act and by the Canadian Council on Animal Care.

The ACC also develops and approves relevant policies and procedures, and monitors ongoing work. The ACC works with all concerned, including the uOttawa senior administration to ensure that high standards are maintained at all levels.

About Animal Ethics & Compliance

The Office of Animal Ethics & Compliance (AEC) is a small group that:

  • assists research and teaching teams in planning for and carrying out their animal-based work according to external and internal standards
  • supports the uOttawa Animal Care Committee (ACC) in all of its activities and ensures communications between animal users and the ACC, and other communications
  • works with auditors and regulators to ensure that uOttawa meets or exceeds all relevant standards and regulations
  • provides training to animal users and ACC members, working with the Animal Care and Veterinary Service (ACVS)
  • helps ensure that appropriate policies and procedures for animal care and use are in place, working with the ACC, ACVS and senior administration

For assistance, please contact Marie Bédard, Director of Animal Ethics & Compliance or Courtney Reeks, Protocol Coordinator

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