Early Career Researcher of the Year Award

The Early Career Researcher of the Year Award is presented annually to faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to research at the University of Ottawa. The distinction is awarded in two categories:

  • Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts and Literature;
  • Pure and Applied Science.

The awards consist of:

  • a bursary of $10,000 to go towards the remuneration of a graduate student supervised by the recipient; and
  • a partial relief from teaching and administrative responsibilities as determined by the Dean of the Faculty.
  • hold a full-time tenured or tenure-track position at the University or a regular position at one of the institutes affiliated to the University;
  • have obtained a Ph.D. (or the equivalent) in the past 10 years at most or have cumulated at most seven years in the first academic position (full-time tenured or tenure-track position). The eligibility window will be adjusted to take into account instances where a researcher has had an acceptable delay in research or period of inactivity due, for instance, to illness and parental leave.

Each Faculty can submit at most two nominations annually.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Research excellence
  • Originality of the research
  • Impact (or potential for impact) of the research
  • Scientific productivity
  • Funding obtained from the Tri-Council
  • Research Collaborations and Partnerships (or potential for Collaborations and Partnerships)
  • Outreach and Knowledge Mobilization activities
  • Supervision and training of students
  • Contribution to the Strategic Areas of Research of the University of Ottawa
  • Commitment towards bilingualism in research activities
  • Commitment towards equity, diversity and inclusion in research activities
Preparation of the nomination dossier

Each nomination dossier must include the following:

  1. A letter of nomination from the Dean of the Faculty supporting the nomination (maximum 1 page, on official letterhead and signed); this letter must clearly demonstrate how the candidate distinguishes himself or herself from his or her peers (Faculty and field);
  2. A document prepared by the candidate and which describes his or her research contributions (maximum 2 pages);
  3. A curriculum vitae in OCGS format, listing prizes and distinctions, publications, invited lectures, grants and contracts, present and past students supervised (undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, others), presence in the media, and participation to outreach and Knowledge Mobilization activities. Please clearly indicate leaves and career interruptions in the CV.
  4. Two letters of reference (maximum 2 pages each, on official letterhead and signed) in support of the nomination, including a short biography for each referee. The letters should be from leading scholars in the nominee’s field of expertise. One of the two letters should come from an institution other than the University of Ottawa or an institution to which the nominee was formerly affiliated. Thank you for ensuring confidentiality when obtaining the letters.

Resubmitting a dossier:

A nomination dossier could be submitted for two consecutive years by updating the required documents.

Nomination process

Complete nomination dossiers, including letters of reference, should be sent by the Faculty that supports the nomination electronically to the following address: innovation@uOttawa.ca.

Important dates

December 10

Annual deadline for submitting nominations

If this date falls on a weekend, the deadline is automatically pushed to the following business day.


Decision and public announcement of the results

May 1 to April 30

Eligibility period of the bursary

Evaluation of the dossiers

Two selection committees (one for each category) will evaluate the dossiers. Each committee will be chaired by one of the Associate Vice-Presidents, Research and is composed of the members of the OVPR’s Advisory Committee for Research Prizes and Awards.

Following the evaluation of the dossiers, the committees provide general comments intended for all Faculties.

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