2019 Schawlow-Townes Symposium on Photonics - Poster Presenters

# Name Degree Email Supervisor Thesis subject Poster
1 Jeremy Rioux Honours BSc in Physics jriou047@uottawa.ca Robert Boyd Observing spatial quantum correlations with an electron-multiplying charge coupled device Towards super-resolution amplitude and phase imaging with intensity correlations

Zack Dube

Doctorate in Physics zdube034@uottawa.ca Andre Staudte Engineering light for imaging molecular structure and electronic dynamics Spatiotemporal imaging of valence electrons wavepackets
3 Samantha Scarfe Master of Science in Physics sscar007@uottawa.ca Jean-Michel Ménard Optical properties of 2-D materials Exploring graphene in the terahertz regime
4 Boris Braverman Postdoctral Fellow bbraverm@uottawa.ca Robert Boyd Nonclassical states of light, Quantum metrology, spatial modes of light, optical clocks Rapid Generation and Detection of Spatial Modes of Light using an Acousto-Optic Modulator
5 Nicolas Couture Doctorate in Physics Ncout007@uottawa.ca Jean-Michel Ménard Fiber-Assisted THz Technologies Supercontinuum generation in GeO2-doped photonic crystal fiber

Prarthana Prakasha

Master of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering pprak090@uottawa.ca Trevor Hall Continuous Tuning of Optoelectronic Oscillator and frequency stabilization. Modelling Optoelectronic Oscillator
7 Gaby Davilus Master of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering gdavi099@uottawa.ca Arnaud Weck Investigation of size effect and grain orientation on void growth in commercially pure titanium Grain orientation effect on the mechanical properties of Titanium
8 Xitong Xie Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering xxie040@uottawa.ca Arnaud Weck Transfer of Laser Machined Micro Scale Patterns on Metallic Materials Via Embossing High speed single step replication of laser engraved diffraction gratings on metals
9 Graham Brown Doctorate in Physics graham.brown@uottawa.ca Paul Corkum Attosecond Response Attosecond Dynamics in Multi-electron Atoms and Molecules
10 Ryan Hogan Doctorate in  Physics rhoga054@uottawa.ca Robert Boyd Nonlinear response of thin films and metasurfaces under Epsilon-Near-Zero conditions Effect of nonlinear response on Surface Lattice Resonance of Split-Ring Resonators
11 Mohammad Karimi Doctorate in Physics mkari094@uottawa.ca Robert Boyd Interaction of Metasurfaces with highly nonlinear substrates Controlling the resonance properties of nano-antennas using an epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) substrate
12 Aidan Baker-Murray Doctorate in  Physics amurray8@tcd.ie Jean-Michel Ménard Graphene for mode-locking ultrafast pulsed lasers Nonlinear Optical Properties of Graphene
13 Maryam Khodami Doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering mkhod007@uottawa.ca Pierre Berini Design, fabrication and characterization of optical biosensors based long range surface plasmon waveguides Biosensing using long range surface plasmon waveguide   
14 Kyle Johnston Doctorate in Physics notsnhojelyk@gmail.com Andre Staudte / Paul Corkum Applications of strong-field attosecond technique A simple streak camera for measuring infrared femtosecond waveforms
15 Rasoul Alaee Feodor-Lynen Research Fellow rasoul.alaee@gmail.com Robert Boyd Nanophotonics, plasmonics, metamaterials, and optical manipulation Controlling the spontaneous emission rate in near-zero refractive index materials
16 Duncan England Research Officer duncan.england@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca Ben Sussman Quantum Photonics Spectro-temporal multiplexing for enhanced quantum sensing

Guilmot Ernotte

Doctorate in Physics gerno013@uottawa.ca Paul Corkum High harmonic generation in condensed matter using strong, mid-infrared laserfields A Real-Space Perspective On High Harmonic Generation In Solids
18 Chang Zhang Master of applied science, mechanical engineering  czhan092@uottawa.ca Raphael St-Gelais Thermal radiation sensing   Thermal radiation sensing using high mechanical Q-factor silicon nitride membranes
19 Shawn Sederberg Doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering msederbe@uottawa.ca Paul Corkum Ultrafast optics in integrated nanophotonic devices Tesla-Scale Terahertz Magnetic Impulses
20 Sijyl Fashi Honours Bachelor of Biomedical Science w/ Minor in Biophysics  sfasi079@uottawa.ca Robert Boyd N/A Use of deep learning for denoising of non-linear microscopy images

Samuel Lemieux​​​​​​​

Doctorate in  Physics samzlemieux@gmail.com Robert Boyd Applications of Bright Twin Beams in Metrology Spatial Correlation Functions for Arbitrary Pump Profiles in Bright Twin Beams
22 Alan T. K. Godfrey Doctorate in Physics agodfrey@uottawa.ca Paul Corkum Ultrafast Laser Desorption and Microstructuring of Surfaces Multiphoton-Induced Blister Formation in Layered Polymer-Metal Films

Rachel Ostic​​​​​​​

Master of Science in Physics rosti049@uottawa.ca Jean-Michel Ménard Single-pulse terahertz time-domain spectroscopy using the dispersive Fourier transform Single-pulse terahertz time-domain spectroscopy using the dispersive Fourier transform


Marco Taucer

Postdoctral Fellow Marco.Taucer@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca Andre Staudte Solid state high harmonic generation and their application to imaging active electronic circuits A gauge invariant approach to interband and intraband currents


Alex Skerjanc Honours BSc in Physics asker094@uottawa.ca Robert Boyd N/A Spatial Mode Sorting With Waveguides

Yumeng Mei

Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering 14ym18@queensu.ca Arnaud Weck N/A Raman analysis on laser machined silicon

Aleksey Korobenko

Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering akoroben@uottawa.ca Paul Corkum Efficiency increase of surface harmonics High-harmonic generation in solids driven by counter-propagating pulses

Houman Ghorbani

Doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering hghor044@uottawa.ca Trevor Hall Design of on-chip spectrometer in C-band  Sub-GHz resolution on-chip micro-spectrometer on silicon nitride platform

Tian Wang

Doctorate in Physics Tian.Wang@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca Andre Staudte Real-time imaging of electronic structure changes in a chemical reaction Light-induced dissociation dynamics of Br2

Peng Peng

Postdoctral Fellow pengpengnrc@gmail.com David Villeneuve Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy Symmetry of Molecular Rydberg States Revealed by Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

Deepak ​​​​​​​Kallelpalli

Research Associate Deepak.Kallepalli@uottawa.ca Paul Corkum laser desorption and deposition of materials using ultrafast lasers Blister Microstructuring of Materials for Direct Laser Fabrication & Diagnostics

Graham Killaire

Doctorate in Physics grive043@uottawa.ca Arnaud Weck Optical properties of laser altered metals Physical and chemical properties of laser machined copper

Mitra Rahimian

Doctorate in Physics mrahi095@uottawa.ca Ravi Bhardwaj Laser processing of materials with structured light Designing Complex Nanostructures by Polarization Engineering

Md Saad Bin Alam

Doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering msaad009@uottawa.ca Ksenia Dolgaleva / Robert Boyd Analysis of Plasmonic Metastructures for Engineered Nonlinear Nanophotonics Hybrid Plasmonic High Q-factor Resonances in a Periodic Metasurface
35 Ahmed Jaber Master of Science in Physics ajabe010@uottawa.ca Jean-Michel Ménard Strong light-matter interactions Plasmonic resonators and THz applications

Justin Gagnon

Honours BSc in Physics jgagn126@uottawa.ca Robert Boyd Omnidirectonal phase matching, ENZ materials. Omnidirectional phase matching in integrated zero-index media.

Wei Cui

Doctorate in Physics wcui065@uottawa.ca Jean-Michel Ménard THz dynamics of optically induced structure change of polymer Enhanced THz detection efficiency via grating-assisted noncollinear electro-optic sampling

Kate Fenwick

Doctorate in Physics katefenwick95@gmail.com Ben Sussman Nonlinear optics, Ultrafast optics applications Configurable ultrafast all-optical Kerr switching in single-mode fibre
39 Mi Yonghao Postdoctral Fellow miyonghao@gmail.com Andre Staudte / Paul Corkum Probe and control of Rydberg wave packets in atoms and molecules Autoionizing Rydberg States of H2 in Strong Laser Fields

Mathieu Giroux

Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering mgiro027@uottawa.ca Raphael St-Gelais Near-Field Thermophotolvotaic Systems radiative heat transfer enhancement between parallel surfaces due to near-field effect
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