What is UROP?

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) provides undergraduate students with unique and exciting opportunities to explore cutting-edge research at the University of Ottawa while they define their professional goals.

How to participate

What does it consist of?

By participating in UROP, a student receives a $1,000 award and devotes, during one academic year, at least 50 hours to the research project conducted by the faculty sponsor he or she has chosen. Each faculty sponsor receives $500 in research funds to support his or her involvement in the program.

Benefits of UROP

  • an enriched student university experience
  • research opportunities for undergraduate students
  • one-on-one relationships between students and faculty
  • hands-on experience in student’s field of study
  • preparation for graduate studies
  • increased student engagement with learning
  • help for students making career decisions

Workshops 2017

No workshop available at the moment.

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