Posted on Monday, November 13, 2017


Wednesday, November 15th, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM, at Colonel By Hall, Room 707A/B.


With more than 7000 awards to date, it’s clear that the Engage Grant has been embraced by both researchers and Canadian industry as the perfect launch vehicle for new research collaborations. However, a six-month Engage project passes by quickly. It’s important for researchers to start thinking well ahead about follow-on steps, so that they can capitalize on the momentum and trust they’ve used their Engage project to establish.

Follow-on work after an Engage typically takes the form of a longer-term project, with the NSERC Collaborative R&D Grant (‘CRD’) a popular funding choice. However, when attempting to make the transition to a longer-term project, the researcher first needs to get their industry partner comfortable with making a longer-term commitment – one that also involves both a cash contribution and a negotiated IP agreement. There’s also the task of coaching the company through an application process that is longer and more demanding than what they experienced for Engage. The challenge for the researcher, then, is to help their industry partner understand the ‘risks vs. rewards’ of making the step from Engage to CRD.

For 2017-18, NSERC is pleased to offer a new workshop, aimed specifically at helping Engage researchers (and companies) move successfully to a longer-term project, using the NSERC CRD Grant as the funding platform. In addition, the NSERC Engage Plus Grant will be presented as a low-risk strategy for incrementally transitioning your collaboration from Engage to CRD. NSERC Engage specialist, John Jackson, will be joined by an NSERC CRD program officer to guide you through the steps for planning and submitting a successful CRD application and then managing the project afterward.


To register, please see event page: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/nserc-workshop-transitioning-from-engage-to-crd-tickets-39524468750?aff=ehomecard 


For more information please contact Andrea Benson by email at benson@uOttawa.ca or 613.562.5800 x 2411.

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