University of Ottawa Partnerships in France

The University has a history of developing and maintaining partnerships with French institutions, resulting in fruitful ties with French universities and research institutes. The Office of the Vice-President, Research also works closely with the French embassy to jointly administer the France Canada Research Fund. Here are some of our strategic partnerships with France.


National Center for Scientific Research

The Univerisity of Ottawa In 2014, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the University of Lyon and the École normale supérieure de Lyon signed an agreement to establish the International Associated Laboratory LIA FUN-CAT—Fundamental catalysis for green chemistry. 

Thanks to this innovative partnership, projects are conducted by pooling together human and material resources. The agreement also supports graduate student exchanges and joint publications. 


University of Lyon

In 2014, the University of Ottawa and the University of Lyon signed a general Memorandum of Understanding to create an international university alliance. The two universities develop joint research projects involving national institutions, public or private enterprises, and other academic partners. The agreement supports several initiatives, including the Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships, which allow uOttawa students to join research laboratories at UdeL. A further example of this partnership is the Bromley Lecture series, which began in 2005 as collaboration between the University of Ottawa and George Washington University, and now includes also students from the Univerisity of Lyon to join their fellow students from uOttawa and George Washington University in meeting senior science and technology policy advisors from around the world.


University Paris-Descartes

In 2014, uOttawa and the University Paris-Descartes renewed their initial 2009 agreement, formalizing their collaborative research and postdoctoral training in neuroscience. This agreement brings together teams from uOttawa’s Brain and Mind Research Institute and Paris-Descartes’ Institut des Neurosciences et de la Cognition. The collaboration seeks to advance scientific objectives and share state-of-the-art technology platforms. A graduate training program, which includes an exchange of students and postdoctoral fellows, gives researchers from each university the opportunity to learn new skills.

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