Approval categories


Upon granting full approval, an ethics certificate (PDF version) is issued via email.  At this time, recruitment and data collection may begin as outlined in the application.  Generally speaking, ethics approval applies for one year. However, any modification to the project must first be approved by the appropriate REB before the changes can be implemented.  An annual status report for ongoing projects must be submitted.   Renewals apply for one year. A maximum of four renewals may be submitted for one same project.  Note that approvals may be valid for a total of five consecutive years.

Delayed approval

Some concerns must be addressed before approval is granted. The REB could mandate its Chair or the Protocol officer, with or without other members, to grant ethics approval when the concerns have been satisfactorily addressed.

Decision deferred

Based on the documentation provided, the REB is unable to make a decision. The decision for approval is deferred pending receipt of additional information as specified by the REB. The ethics application needs to be resubmitted for a complete evaluation by the REB.

Not approved

Based on the documentation provided, the application is not approved.  The reasons and concerns of the REB will be provided to the research team.

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