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We offer administrative support to the University Research Ethics Boards (REBs) and work with researchers to ensure that their research projects respect all applicable guidelines, including those of the Tri-councils (SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR).

Did you know?

  • News - The CHEO REB Chair, Carole Gentile, C. Psych, is leaving her position as of October 3, 2016. Dr. Franco Momoli, PhD, who has been a member of the CHEO Clinical Research Unit for the last six years and a member of the REB for the past five years, has agreed to step in as the Interim Chair while a permanent Chair is recruited.  
  • The University has a license with FluidSurveys, a tool used to create and publish online surveys. This company was acquired by SurveyMonkey (an American company) in the summer of 2014 and FluidSurveys customers were recently informed that this tool is being discontinued.  The University’s license ends on May 9th 2017, so as of this date FluidSurveys will no longer be available as a tool for the University of Ottawa.  While the tool can be temporarily used to create your research surveys, we recommend that your new survey’s end date not extend beyond April 1st 2017, and not to create longitudinal surveys, or surveys requiring access after May 9, with the tool.   The data will remain stored on Canadian servers during this time period but after May 9, 2017 they will no longer be accessible. They must therefore be archived before this date
  • We would like to thank the Research Support Funds for their annual financial contribution that helps maintain our level of research excellence. For more information about the Research Support Funds, please click here 
  • Applications for ethics approval are to be submitted on the first three working days of each month (excluding July). One (1) hardcopy of each document can be submitted either in person or by mail to the following address: 550 Cumberland St. (Tabaret Hall), room 154, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5
  • The Office of Research Ethics and Integrity has produced an internal guidelines document in order to help researchers navigate the REB process at the University of Ottawa. 
  • If you want to offer compensation to participants in the form of a draw, you must include the information which is required by Ontario law. Consult the Draws page for more information.
  • An online tutorial for the 2nd edition of the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS 2) is now available.
    Note: Please make sure you use your University email address when you register so that we can confirm your completion of the tutorial.
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