The University of Ottawa uses animals (mainly laboratory mice and rats, and fish) in research to:

  • understand and work towards treatments for human and animal diseases and other conditions
  • understand and protect the environment and those who live in it

Scientists use a variety of methods that do not involve animals to carry out their work, but animals must be used in some cases in order to understand how fundamental systems work in living creatures and what treatments might work for a given condition.

Licensing and certification

All applicable Canadian, provincial and international regulations and standards are actively met and often exceeded. The University of Ottawa, including its affiliated institutions, is:

New to the Program?

We will be happy to help you, and any team members, do everything needed to plan for and carry out work with animals (vertebrates or cephalopods) in research or teaching. 


Animal Care Committee approval and training

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your planned work, to be approved by the uOttawa Animal Care Committee and with training tailored to the needs of each person and project.

Marie Bédard
Director of Animal Ethics & Compliance
tel: 613-562-5800, ext. 6021
fax:  613.562.5467

Courtney Reeks
Protocol Coordinator
tel: 613-562-5444
fax:  613.562.5467

Please complete the New User & Request for Access to Topaz Form (Doc 80 KB).


Veterinary services and animal facilities

Please contact us as soon as possible to plan for your work with veterinary assistance and with our help to provide you with the most appropriate facilities and equipment:

Holly Orlando, m.v.
Director, Animal Care and Veterinary Service
tel: 613-562-5444
fax:  613.562.5467

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